Pebbles Cotton Bassinet Sheet

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Handmade fitted bassinet sheet.

This bassinet sheet is made from a loose, open weave, lightweight and breathable 100% cotton. All cotton in pre-washed and dried, and any fabric stiffness due to colour blocks will soften over time with washing. We suggest using a waterproof mattress protector to safeguard the mattress against the inevitable baby leaks and spills.

Bassinet sheet has squared edges and is fitted with elastic so can be used on a variety of sizes.

Sheets are approx 80 x 40 surface space with a drop of 10cm.

They will fit mattresses in close range to these measurements. The drop of 10cm is the approximate length that will go down the side of the mattress and underneath (i.e for a 3cm thick mattress, approx 3cm down the side and 7cm under)

The most common Australian bassinet mattress is the 76 x 40cm size.

These fitted sheets are based on the most common Australian Standard bassinet sizing. Please measure your mattress size to ensure it is compatible with our size BEFORE ordering as different brands have varying dimensions. No refunds or exchange will be offered for incorrect size choice.

3 in 1 - Our fitted sheets can also be used on most Moses baskets, as well as most change mats as a cover, so your sheet will be used well past the newborn phase - more value for money!


Care Instructions
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Products are handmade, so please allow for a few mm discrepancies.

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